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Having Opinions

February 3rd, 2010 Fred Leave a comment Go to comments

Having opinions make you an interesting person.  What a bore would you be if you just agreed with what everyone said all the time?

But perhaps more importantly, having opinions – even if those opinions sit unfavourably with others – mean that you are a thinking individual, who are willing to express and defend your own thought process.

So I am starting a new category on my blog, called “Opinions” (look for it on under the Category tab on the right side of the page).  Here I will be sharing my own opinions on various topics, so check back often.

But I would love to hear your opinions too.  So here are the RULES if you want to comment on any of my Opinion posts:

  • BE INTERESTING.  You have to express a clear opinion about what is being said.  No “cool article” or similar comments – I want to hear what you have to say!
  • BE POLITE.  No nasty replies to my or other people’s comments.  We are all allowed to have our own opinions about things and to differ in a peaceful way.

PS.  Is there something you would like to express an opinion about?  Please add it to the comment section of the post and lets start a discussion.

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